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So, I just came across another tiny bug in Premiere Pro that I couldn’t find anything about online, so I thought I’d outline it here in case someone else is searching for the same thing.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.07.42 AM

One of the Offending Nests

I was archiving a project this morning in PPro CC2017.1 (the latest as of this writing), using the “Consolidate and Transcode” option. I thought everything had gone smoothly, until I noticed that two of my nested sequences hadn’t come across properly into the new project. They were represented in the timeline by green clips with diagonal stripes throughout, and behaved as if they simply weren’t there at all. (I.e., transparent video.)

But two other nests had come over just fine, so confusion ensued. I went directly to Google because I am lazy and this is 2017, but found nothing. After a while I gave up, went back to the original project and cracked open the two broken nests to find… more nests!

So, for whatever reason, Premiere Pro’s Project Manager fails to recognize and transcode nested sequences inside of nested sequences. The solution was to individually select all of the nested sequences in Project Manager and do the archive over again. Everything worked swimmingly the second time.

Hope this helps someone in the distant future. 2017 out.