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Duplicates Found

I’ve written about NeoFinder before. It’s a great tool to keep tabs on files across multiple external hard drives. (Basically, it creates a searchable database of every file on each of your drives, which you can then quickly search even when those drives are not plugged in.)

Ok, so that’s great. Easily worth the cost of a license. But what’s even better is the built-in “Find Dupes” feature. Once you’ve cataloged all your drives, just hit the Find Dupes button and it will let you know what projects or files are living on multiple drives.

I cleared over 100 GB in just a couple minutes when it reminded me that I had started a recent project on one drive and then moved it to a portable drive to finish it. (And it found quite a bit more than that, which I’ll deal with when I have a bit more time.)

Check out NeoFinder if you haven’t already. Really – I’m totally vouching over here. Great stuff.