ImageNOTE: This article was originally posted 8/27/2012.

Two things I know about video editors: most of us use Macs, and all of us have a LOT of hard drives. If you’ve ever wondered where that project from three years ago got off to, NeoFinder is for you.

NeoFinder (formerly CDfinder) catalogues all your hard drives and creates a database of all of their contents. You can then browse and search the file structures of all your drives without having any of them plugged in. So now when you can’t remember which of your 20 hard drives has Grandma’s 80th birthday party on it (don’t lie – everything you do isn’t for a fortune 500), you just fire up NeoFinder, search for your project, and let it tell you which drive it’s on. Easy.

So easy, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

NeoFinder is free for up to 10 drives, and after that it’s $39.99 for a single user. Mac only.