ImageNOTE: This article was originally posted 6/27/2013.

If Adobe’s new Creative Cloud offering has done nothing else, it has generated LOTS of discussion. There are strong opinions both for and against, and many compelling arguments made by each camp.

But at the end of the day, there is one major concern I can’t seem to shake. Yes, I am fine with the idea of paying in monthly installments instead of all at once; yes, I like the idea of being always up-to-date with the latest versions; and no, I’m not worried that Adobe will suddenly stop innovating because they have everyone locked into 12 month contracts.

What does concern me, though, is what happens if (when) I one day stop paying. Let’s say I move all of my clients over to Adobe Premiere Pro. I spend the next three years doing all my client work in Premiere Pro, and everyone is happy. But then one day, for some reason or another, I decide there’s a better option out there. Maybe Apple fixes Final Cut and releases an upgrade that trumps everything Adobe is doing; maybe Adobe pulls an Apple and wrecks their own software; maybe another company that doesn’t even exist yet releases a game-changing product that works better than everything out there. Whatever the reason, I now want to leave Premiere Pro, so I cancel my subscription, stop paying my monthly fee and invest in something else.


Just like that, in an instant, I lose access to three years of work. All my clients’ projects, everything I’ve worked on in three years is gone because Premiere Pro stops working. It’s not like I can simply choose not to upgrade, move to another platform, but keep the old version around in case I need it (hello, Apple!). In the Creative Cloud world, my old version stops working, and I lose access to all my projects. A client wants a quick update to a video from last year? Nope. I want to build a new title sequence based on one I already made? Gone. I want to update my reel with my most recent work? Fail.

I love Adobe Premiere Pro. I am so happy I made the switch from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere Pro CS6. But this single concern keeps me from moving to Creative Cloud. I don’t know how this will eventually resolve itself, but I hear Lightworks is doing good things….